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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backups - one of those annoying things that we know we should be doing, but just never seem to get round to.

We're all guilty of it ... putting it off and not making a decision because we're too busy and don't have the time ... and anyway, nothing's going to go wrong ... is it?

But unfortunately, disasters do happen!

We recently had a client who's laptop got 'lost' at Heathrow. They do a lot of international travel to visit both suppliers and clients, and the loss of the data would have been catastrophic.

Fortunately, we were backing their data up to the cloud from all there PCs and laptops. A quick phone call to one of our hardware suppliers to replace the laptop and a speedy download of the backed up data meant they were up and running quickly with no lost data ... and more to the point no harm to their business.

That's just one of a number disasters that we've helped our clients avoid over the last few years.

Whatever size you are we can reliably and securely back up your business critical data and ensure you don't get caught out when things do go wrong.

We have partnered with Infrascale, one of the world's leading provider of disaster recovery solutions, and provide two different products to suit any sized organisation.

Direct to Cloud backups allow you to install a small piece of software on desktops, laptops, Macs and mobile devices to backup your data directly to the cloud.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service is designed for companies with their own data centres and/or server(s). By installing a dedicated backup device we can provide a truly layered backup for all servers and operating systems.

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We provide the option of fully monitoring your backups, so that you have the peace of mind to know that if anything stops working we'll work with you to make sure you backups are working at 100%.

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